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The construction of houses according to Canadian technology is the main direction of our activity, which is based on the achievement of the latest modern technologies. Canadian technology of building houses and other buildings (SIP technology) is widely used around the world!

We were the first to present projects and finished frame-panel houses in Ukraine. We strive for our solutions to be effective, preserve nature, human health and allow them to pay more attention to what they most want: whether it is business success or home comfort.

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изображение Energy saving

Energy saving

A brick wall can have similar heat-saving qualities of a 164 mm SIP panel, only at a thickness of 3.11m! Seasonal gas consumption for heating a house built using SIP technology is 2-3 times less than for a similar brick house. Heating costs of such a house are minimal, which allows providing a full and economical heating of the building at the same time in the absence of natural gas even in the harsh climatic conditions of the Far North.
изображение Construction experience

Construction experience

More than 700 individual and commercial objects have been built, which confirms the impeccable leadership position in the Ukrainian market; At the same time, 10 to 20 objects are located at different stages of implementation; continuous improvement and updating of existing projects; creation of standard and unique projects that take into account the innovative tendencies of modern construction. Huge architectural and design department. Certified construction crews.
изображение Euro standard

Euro standard

Company Servus received the European quality certificate. We built more than 50 houses in Slovakia and Germany. All the Servus houses in Europe underwent an energy audit at the time of commissioning and received the highest energy efficiency award. Every year we expand our representative network in Europe.
изображение House cost

House cost

The houses, built according to the frame-panel technology of Servus, have a low cost and low material consumption. The price of 1 m² of such house starts from $ 110 for the entire fully insulated frame (depending on the configuration of the house). For example, the cost of a finished turnkey house with a total area of about 100 m² costs about $ 30,000.
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Why do customers chooseenergy efficient houses made by Servus?

Fast installation

Fast installation

3-4 times faster than traditional methods. Construction of a finished house for 1 month.



SIP wall has the heat insulating characteristics that are equal 2-meter brick wall.

Resistance to fire

Resistance to fire

Bearing structures of the company Servus received REI 60 classification of refractoriness.

Ecological compatibility

Ecological compatibility

The company Servus uses only certified environmental materials.

Any season construction

Any season construction

Simplicity of SIP construction technology allows us to build houses at any time of the year.



The estimated service life of the Servus houses is more than 80 years if operation is proper!

Earthquake resistance

Earthquake resistance

Frame-panel houses built using SIP technology withstand earthquakes up to 9 points.

Without shrinkage

Without shrinkage

The houses made according to the Canadian technology are characterized by lack of shrinkage, which makes it possible to begin the finishing work immediately.

How we build our houses

Installation of the house of SIP technology is done much faster and easier, in comparison with the classical technology of construction. In addition, the house does not shrink. Insulated panels make the house warm, which significantly reduces the cost of heating. A SIP house is a classic, reliable wooden house, perfected with the help of the latest innovations. Servus Video channel

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Frame home construction of beautiful, comfortable and very cozy houses built on Canadian house technology is not only the main activity of our production and construction company but also a favorite business, to which we approach with full responsibility and dedication. Thousands of our customers already operate turnkey houses on Canadian technology from Servus. Dozens more are actively preparing for a housewarming party.

Frame house – advantages and features

In Canada and in Europe, SIP houses are deservedly popular and fully meet the expectations of customers. The speed and low price of the project raise doubts about its reliability and durability. In fact, SIP prefabricated homes on Canadian technology is an excellent option for those who care about the investment attractiveness of the house and its environmental friendliness.

The main advantages of houses made of turn key modular homes are:

  1. Durability. SIP prefabricated homes, with construction prices fully adapted to the domestic market, are excellent for both permanent and seasonal use. Despite the speed of construction, simplicity of installation and the ability to install the structure in any place, with proper operation, the frame house will last up to 100 years without causing any major repair problems.
  2. Features of installation. Employees of the Servus Company draw the attention of their customers to this separate aspect. It will take only 1 month to build a frame house on a turnkey basis. A lack of shrinkage allows proceeding to the exterior and interior decoration immediately after the completion of construction work.
  3. Insulation. Admiring photos of fabulously beautiful houses think about the fact that the SIP panel wall has the same thermal insulation properties as its brick analog with a thickness of 2 meters!

This is not all the competitive advantages that distinguish turn key modular homes, built according to our ready-made or specially designed projects for you.

What is SIP panel house?

Before talking about the advantages of the SIP panel house, it is worth noting that this is far from a new technology, which has already been appreciated in many countries. It is widely used for the construction of prefabricated buildings; it allows not only to finish the work in the shortest time but also to save considerably without losing quality.
The stereotype that the frame house construction on a turnkey basis is a rather troublesome business and not accessible to everyone, has been completely and irrevocably broken with this technology.

The SIP panels were invented almost 90 years ago, but they achieved their current characteristics comparatively not long ago. Our company began to use them only after the panels won the leading positions and proved their belonging to the best building materials. At the same time, we were able to experience the market situation and become the first developers who offered their clients SIP houses of turnkey! Our experts assure that all the SIP panels used in the construction of the building are characterized by:

  1. High quality.
  2. Impeccable ecological compatibility.
  3. Inactivity to the environment.
  4. Durability.
  5. Moisture resistance and fire resistance.
  6. Excellent insulation.

The fact that the SIP panels are exported all over the world and used not only in domestic construction but also for industrial buildings, confirms the correctness of your choice. Numerous certificates and awards of this building material are a kind of guarantee for the long-term and trouble-free operation of the sip prefabricated homes.

They are lightweight, simple to install and not causing problems with the external processing and interior finishing of the Euro House, they effectively solve the problems of people who care about the environment and, at the same time, try to get away from heavy, often uncomfortable designs.

Today, SIP prefabricated homes on Canadian technology, built by our company specialists, can be seen both in the suburbs and in megapolises. Hundreds of residents of Kyiv and oblast, belonging to different social circles, have become our clients and friends.
Discussing the construction of turnkey houses, we always focus on the financial capabilities of our customers, trying to provide more than we promise. It is not a secret that price policy is the cornerstone on the way to realizing one’s dream. Our knowledge, many years of experience, the availability of the necessary material and technical base, developed supply channels and a unique loyalty program allow solving the housing issue of each landowner.

Frame houses – order turnkey service

Making a decision to build a house on the acquired land plot, you need to decide on a company that can quickly and efficiently complete the construction of houses based on the technology chosen by you. Notable that Servus is working individually with each client, helping to resolve all the problems associated with the construction at the initial stage:

  1. Documenting the object properly, with your minimum participation in the process.
  2. Selection of the best quality materials.
  3. Unique projects of country frame houses on a turnkey basis.
  4. Construction of country houses specifying prices individually in each case.
  5. Finishing work with the use of innovative materials.
  6. Small summer turnkey cottages, the cost of which is available to every working person.

Servus does its best to enable potential customers to realize their dream today. Canadian houses are light, inexpensive and aesthetic, have passed the test of time and have shown excellent results even in such parameters as seismic resistance.

The only problem that can be encountered when choosing turnkey construction of cottages is the builder. Caring about you, the specialists of the company Servus offer extensive consultations, helping to draw the appropriate conclusions and make final decisions not only about the expediency of building a frame house on a turnkey basis but also in choosing a developer.

In addition, demonstrating loyalty and the desire to simplify the process, we have prepared ready-made projects for you, which we will gladly present to future customers. After the house is chosen, the land intended for construction is inspected by specialists, and the details are specified, you can plan the interior and prepare to move!

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