MiTek technology

What is MiTek technology?

The MiTek technology represents a small complex consisting of three components:

  • careful, detailed calculation of all design components, produced with the help of a modern program;
  • sawing (forming) and assembling (connecting) elements from wood on special equipment;
  • use of toothed plates, by means of which elements for a variety of buildings (MiTek trusses) are mounted (connected).

scheme 1 mitek     scheme 2 mitek      scheme 3 mitek

The construction of the MiTek technology involves the use of specially designed roofing trusses from the rafters, which are connected by means of toothed plates. It is the rafter structures, which are called - MiTek trusses, that allow making a masterpiece of design and art from the roof of any building. That is, akin to erector set, in which all the brick-figures are prefabricated, and with the MiTek technology these are the trusses, the MiTek system reduces the installation of the roof to the elementary assembly of structures and to fastening them together with special plates. 

roof mitek     setting roof mitek     setting mitek

Technology advantages:

  • the quality of products made from strong and environmentally friendly materials;
  • a complex architecture that can be implemented as easily as a child to build a "lego" house;
  • large spans without additional supports;
  • the ability to withstand any loads, thanks to the robust connection of all MiTEK trusses;
  • Fast and convenient construction;
  • Reliability and ease of use.

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