SIP panel houses

SIP panel houses of Canadian technology

Low-rise construction of SIP panel houses of any complexity, performed by the company Servus, working in the sector of turnkey panel houses building, forms is the main activity of the enterprise, which has bright future, as shown by the growing popularity of houses made of SIP panels in Canada and other countries. At the heart of their quick-mounting system, the houses built according to the Canadian technology, have an easily constructed system of heat-insulated sandwich or SIP-panels. SIP panels are the fastest growing technology in the world. They are made of ecological materials at our own factory - Servus. A SIP house is a true trend of 2018. And in Ukraine, the demand for SIP panel houses in recent months has also increased significantly. The technology of construction caused so zealous interest not only due to the ease of making and constructing a house. Good prices of  SIP house - this is the main and only reason why many who just recently could not imagine the existence of their own country house or cottage, are actively planning to order turnkey panel houses.
The advantages of the SIP house construction technology:
  • Since only two materials are used to make the SIP panels, they are foam-expanded polystyrene and flat pressed OSB panels, as a result, the frame is quite mobile and easy to assemble.
  • The materials used in frame production are hypoallergenic and environmentally safe for human health. In addition, they are not affected by rot and mold processes and are not attacked by insects.
  • Speaking of installation, the advantages of technology lay in the ability to conduct work in any weather, and, having high strength, resistance to external meteorological influences, thermal insulation, and short installation time, the Sip panel houses can withstand even the Californian and Japanese climatic conditions.
  • Ideally smooth surfaces for plastering or decorative works, cost effective foundation in view of the lightness of the whole frame, simplicity of assembly, allowing to build a house by only two men, all this makes the turnkey SIP panel houses by the company Servus profitable, reliable and such a long-awaited investment of funds.

Why SIP panel house?

  • Housewarming in 3 months.
  • Cheaper than traditional construction, saving on heating.
  • Use a lightweight foundation.
  • Possibility to build at any time of the year.
  • High durability.

Why Servus?

  • We are the leaders of the construction market using SIP technology.
  • High precision of structural elements.
  • Only environmentally friendly materials.
  • Certified builders.
  • Roofs using MiTEK technology.
  • Individual approach to each client.

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